BUTTE, Mont. -

A local group in the mining city wants the community to get involved in making Butte a cleaner place to live.

Beautify Butte is heading up the program "Adopt-A-Lot."

Folks in the community can sign up to clean up of a portion of land in Butte that is known for collecting waste and garbage.

There are 97 lots about 15 are spoken for.

Beautify Butte Chairman Joseph Lee said it's a good way to get community members involved in taking care of the city.

"I think it's a matter of ownership, taking ownership in the community whether or not you clean up a park, a roadway, a vacant lot area or whatever it is just by taking ownership of the community and making a better place, better quality of living for the residents here in Butte," Lee said.

Beautify Butte is hosting a grand finale Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. out at the Butte-Silver Bow landfill.

They'll be giving away approximately 30 prizes to people coming out to the landfill to dispose of debris.

Lee said they'll also be giving away 15 free family size pies from Perkins and other giveaways.

Lee said he looks forward to see what folks bring in and visit with Beautify Butte.

He said the ultimate goal is to encourage people to start cleaning up.

To view the list of lots click here.