The post office so many Cardwell residents relied on will be closed in a matter of months.

Locals say they're disappointed.

"It's always been here it has been that permanent thing that was here that we can depend on and now it's going to be gone. Sorry to see it go,? Cardwell resident Afton Fell said.

Fell explained how she and other community members put up a fight to stop the closure.

They wrote numerous letters and filed a petition against the closure back in December, but postal officials voted to move forward with the shut down.

The Postal Regulatory Commission submitted their decision on April 5.

Fell said, despite their efforts, she?s not surprised.

"We knew we were on the chopping block and we tried, but what can you do, you try," Fell said.

In their order affirming determination USPS states they believe closing the post office will save them just over $48, 413 a year.

Retired rancher and local Mick Jackson, doesn't believe the closure will help the post office solve its financial problems.

Nevertheless, he said the residents will find ways to make it work.

"We'll adapt,? Jackson said. ?Always do."

When the post office closes its doors for good many people with packages will have to travel to about 10 miles to Whitehall.

Misty Hammerbacker, the manager of the local business "Clays in Calico" said they use the post office three to four times a day sometimes.

Hammerbacker said making the trip to Whitehall will be tough on business.

According to Fell, there are a couple of cluster boxes in Cardwell and residents have been told they will receive more.

Fell said she is also understanding their rural routes won?t be taken away either.

Though they know they'll survive without it for fifth generation Cardwell locals like Fell no longer having a post office is still a loss.