The Flathead's Alcohol Enforcement Team is reporting fewer violations found in compliance checks.

The most recent report found that only one out of 11 Kalispell businesses failed the check. The Gold Dust Casino was cited for serving alcohol to minors.

Locations that passed include Scotty?s Bar, ScottiBelli?s Ristorante Italiano, North Bay Grille, Magic Diamond Casino, Bullman?s Pizza, Janelli?s Deli, Best Bet Casino, Bulldog Pub and Casino, Rising Sun Bistro, and Fatt Boy?s Bar and Grille.

Officials say they're glad to see more businesses checking the IDs of anyone ordering alcohol.

"We're giving them the education that they need to be able to make decisions that aren't going to put their liquor license in jeopardy," said Officer Jason Parce, "And also, it just prevents them from providing alcohol to minors, and that's one of our goals - to reduce underage drinking."

The AET says the businesses are taking advantage of the programs run by the team aimed at curbing underage drinking.