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missoula prerelease center

Prerelease escape could mean harsh consequences

Missoula’s Prerelease Center is currently maxed out with 110 inmates

Golf course members outraged by email

An email sent out by Village Greens Golf Course upset many members.


New police car design surprises Butte residents

Butte residents will soon be seeing some new additions to the fleet of police cars that are designed in honor of the Mining City.

Mark 4-28-16

Video Forecast: Wet start to the weekend

A storm system will bring a chance of showers the next couple of days.  Then a drier weather pattern develops Sunday through next week with a warming trend.

College graduate job rate strongest in 10 years

Good news for college graduates. A recent study said the likelihood of getting a job when you graduate is the highest it's been in nearly ten years and…

Gallatin Co. wants to dispose of Cold War commode kits

A Montana county plans to dispose of more than three dozen Cold War-era sanitation kits meant to provide makeshift bathroom facilities for fallout shelters.

Missoula prerelease walkway arrested

The Missoula Police Department arrested a prerelease walkaway Wednesday afternoon.

Cops stuck in elevator

What's 12 cops stuck in an elevator? Internet gold

When the brothers in blue need rescuing, who do they call? The fire department, of course.

bathroom sign

City: Use bathrooms for biological sex or face jail

Transgender people in Oxford, Alabama, could now face six months in jail for using restrooms labeled for the gender with which they identify.

The Oxford City…

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