Prescription for Addiction


Event raises awareness about prescription drug abuse

A community event aims to raise awareness for what’s being called an epidemic, prescription drug abuse.


Experts agree awareness is key in fight against prescription drug abuse

Doctors, law enforcement and politicians agree awareness if half the battle in Montana's fight against prescription drug abuse.

Prescription drug addiction: an equal-opportunity disease

This story starts with a recovering drug addict, who we’ll call “Greg,” to protect his identity. “There is a big problem. It’s a huge problem. It’s getting…


Pharmacies battle prescription drug abuse

Edna Herron has worked at Lolo drug for more than 25 years. In that time, she says thieves have targeted the store 26 times, and last year it hit a breaking…


Sister sees addiction from start to fatal finish

Prescription drug abuse in Montana kills more people than car accidents every year.

We have talked with several families throughout our special Prescription for…


Missoula detective works prescription pill cases full-time

Doctors and police in Missoula are calling it Montana's silent epidemic -- the problem with prescription drug abuse and the crimes that come with it.

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Phone bank aims at solutions for prescription drug addiction

NBC Montana and the Missoulian will launch a first-of-its-kind phone bank after in-depth stories this week on the problem of prescription drug abuse in Montana.

UM students say Adderall abused heavily during finals week

Their parents had coffee, but some of today's average college students have a new secret weapon: Adderall. The prescription stimulant is used to treat…


Montana high school students report increase in RX drug abuse

They’re high schoolers, but the way an average teenager can list off prescription medication makes them sound like psychiatrists.

RX for addiction

Prescription for Addiction: Tackling Montana’s pill problem

Once you hear their stories you'll never forget them -- the woman who lost her sister, the addict who struggles to stay clean, the cop who can't keep up -- all…

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