Latest Wildfire Updates

Firefighters help Alberton prepare for wildfire season

A large portion of Alberton residents live in what firefighters call the wildland-urban interface.

Millions spent on firefighting efforts in northwest Montana

More than 120,000 acres of Flathead National Forest and Glacier National Park land will be recovering this winter. 

Cause of Cottonwood Gulch Fire was accidental

Fire investigators identified the cause of the Cottonwood Gulch Fire northwest of Bozeman.

Firefighters optimistic about progress on Cottonwood Gulch Fire

The Cottonwood Gulch Fire in Logan started to calm down Tuesday but fire crews are still on alert. 


Cottonwood Gulch Fire threatens several Gallatin River Ranch residents

Nearly 50 homes in the Gallatin River Ranch area are being threatened by the Cottonwood Gulch Fire, northwest of Manhattan.

Cottonwood Gulch Fire continues to burn near Manhattan

The Cottonwood Gulch Fire near Manhattan has burned for more than 24 hours and now spans 8,300 acres. 

Fire near Manhattan grows to 8,500 acres

The Cottonwood Gulch Fire burning North of Manhattan in the Horseshoe Hills is now estimated at 8500 acres in size.

fire danger

Fire danger back to high in Missoula County

Persistent high temperatures coupled with a lack of precipitation across the county has extended fire season.

New legislation supports volunteer firefighters

Where there’s smoke, there’s usually a firefighter and, in the state of Montana, that firefighter is most likely a volunteer.

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