A group of Flathead Boy Scouts presented with a hiking challenge say it was simply a walk in the park.

The five scouts from Troop 1941, Pack 101 in Columbia Falls were the only scouts to successfully hike, ski, and swim 100 miles throughout Glacier National Park. The challenge was presented to the scouts during the centennial year of the park as well as the Boy Scouts of America.

The group was honored this morning by park officials at the Klondike Campout in Coram. We caught up with the boys, and they say they loved the experience.

"Phenomenal, it feels awesome,? said one scout. "Awesome. That's the word. It?s really fun to just go and enjoy the park,? explained another. "Yeah go enjoy it, don't sit at home on the couch,? finished the first.

Here are some facts about the Boy Scouts of America:

In 2010, scouts completed over 28 million service hours, the most recorded are food collection and conservation projects.

181 NASA astronauts were involved in scouting.

Since its inception in 1912, over 2 million young men have earned the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest honor a scout can achieve.