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Advocates advise elders how to beat the heat

The heat wave has health officials concerned about the elderly population.

Tube sales increase as hot weather spikes

Tube sales increase as weather temperatures spike

With the heat sneaking up on us so fast, Ace Hardware in Missoula have sold more tubes to float on than in recent years.

Firefighters respond to several small fires as temperatures rise

Fire fighters respond to several small fires as temperatures rise

These hot temperatures make it easy for fires to start and fire fighters said they've already responded to several small blazes.

Frenchtown man keeps busy custom haying

Frenchtown man keeps busy custom haying

J.J. Walker has been putting up hay since he was 6-years-old. He's still at it.


Forest service implements program to reduce fire risk

The United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service is implementing a program in Butte in hopes of lowering the risk of forest fires.

mri machine

Saint James Healthcare in Butte gets new state-of-the-art machinery

Saint James Healthcare in Butte now has a new state-of-the-art piece of equipment.

Radio show hosts discussion on racism in Montana

For some, racism is not an issue in Montana. Others say they experience it first hand.

Fast food french fries

America's favorite fast food chain is...

While satisfaction with the restaurant industry has waned, the survey found Americans still eat out an average of four times a week. See which company topped…

Greece - protests

Greece confirms it will default to IMF

Greece won't pay the International Monetary Fund the 1.5 billion euros it owes Tuesday.

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